What is "A ThankFull Walk & Talk?":

Join me MAY 11TH-18TH (details below) for this joyful livestream event where I will be sharing how to cut through confusion, anxiety and overwhelm. Learn how to feel alive, as if electricity set loose from a wire. Draw in abundance, calm and prosperity as if you were a 500lb mega-magnet! 

Here's What to Expect:

  • Live video walk & talks inside my private Facebook Group, Radiant Living, at 10am-10:30am PT Monday May 11th-Monday May 18th.
  • Monday May 11th-Thursday May 14th I will share The #1 Abundance Mantra To Say All Day. Every Day. We will learn and practice how to create an ever-growing snowball of energy called appreciation in our lives. 
  • Friday May 15th-Monday May 18th I will share key tools and tips on how to Be A Miracle Maker. Peace, prosperity and abundance is our divine inheritance. Allow me the opportunity to share how to tap into our ability to create our desires with ease and confidence. 
  • Participants who sign up below will receive 3 separate recipe packets containing the step-by-step downloads for both the #1 Abundance Mantra and Being A Miracle Maker soul scripts. These workbooks contain the emotional steps to greater abundance AND the corresponding aromatherapy recipe. The aromatherapy elixir is of great importance, as its combined ingredients magnify and expedite the latent power in the emotional recipes. In this case, 1+1 = 4, as the results are exponential.
  • Participants will also receive a recap packet that contains all 8 videos from the ThankFull Walk & Talk. Yours to watch, learn from and enjoy at your leisure.

We are the epitome of grace and compassion. It is the ego paired with cultural conditioning that has taught us otherwise. The time has arrived to pop the bubble of illusion that we are anything other than pure and true divine royalty. Yes, ascension and alignment with this inner-knowing is the only job worth having. Your wholeness is absolute, never threatened, and never lost. It can not be.  

Let us spend the next 8 days (and more!) merging with the truth of love and inner-completeness. You in this very moment you call you are not without all you need to actualize wholeness. The ego claims to have many problems to solve, yet we’ll melt problems like snow in the early rays of a springtime sun. Melt away they will, melt away they will. Almost as if they never existed. For they never did, and your wholeness always has.  

The yellow brick road of ease, expansion and joy is only right there. Beyond the doorway of ascension that problems present. You are an abundant miracle maker born of stardust and diamonds. Your sparkle could never not shine ever so brightly, despite any and all egoic efforts to keep oneself small.   

While it’s impossible to dull your luster, the true freedom, peace and prosperity of this reality is in our understanding and alignment with it. For what is a bright and shiny star that doesn’t realize how far its light transcends? There is not a corner of The Universe its tenderness does not touch with love and grace. Yet, it nevertheless remains a light that does not know its own light.  

A new day within the consciousness of humanity is rising. It’s time to shed the illusion of problems like an old tattered winter coat and wear instead the royal robes of prosperity and peace. For we are royal and now it’s time to ascend. 

Over the course of the next 8 days, I will share key tools and tips on creating and welcoming in cup-runneth-over abundance. Prosperity is not only our right but divine inheritance. Let us clear the path to effortless receiving as if a mighty burst of wind to a grand lawn under a blanket of multicolored leaves.

As friends and companions we’ll go. Hand-in-hand and on our merry way we will take the steps of joy and expansion together. I will not leave you for a moment, but be at your side always.

Presented by Dr. Danielle Dowling