Hello, Joy! is a six-week, interactive, live, group coaching course with moi! Divinely designed, this course will show members how to make the experience of joy, prosperity and inner-clarity a reality by deconstructing and releasing anxiety.

The time has arrived to learn how to make living in joy a lifestyle rather than an ideal we say we know but fail to embody. The reality is that people often do not have mastery over their emotions, especially the ability to feel good. Furthermore, the experience of abundance and prosperity are directly related to feeling good. Simply put, when we fail to embrace the good, we fail to embrace the abundance. Therefore, learning how to wisely navigate upset and tap into feeling good is essential to attracting one’s deepest desires, dreams and wishes.

Hello, Joy! will show you how to do just this in a way that is sustainable and lasting. 


  • A six week course beginning Monday, August 3rd-September 20th. I would very much like to encourage you to think of this as a SOUL TRIP!
  • Group classes will be 2x a week for 90 minutes on Monday's at 5:15 pm PT and Friday's at 10 am PT. I will be teaching each class LIVE. These will not be pre-recorded lessons. The sessions will be live within a private ZOOM classroom. (Recordings will be available for those who cannot attend live.)
  • Members will have access to a private Facebook group to ask questions in between sessions, interact with one another and generally feel the love! 
  • On Sunday mornings, members will receive the upcoming week’s lesson and downloads via email, giving them time to absorb,  simmer and prepare for the new teaching. Each week's lesson will be comprised of an emotional healing lesson as well as an elixir, tea or aromatherapy recipe from my natural healing line, Thrive CosmicRemedies.
  • There will be one recipe (aka lesson) taught per week for six weeks. They will be: How To Practice the Recipes, Intention Setting, Deliberate Intention (How to create something specific for yourself) Relax & Slow Down, Feel Good=Things Flow, A New Way To Problem Solve. ** As a bonus, we will also be discussing The #1 Abundance Mantra to Say All Day, Every Day, as well as How To Be A Miracle Maker in Your Life.

Please email me with any questions: d@danielle-dowling.com

What are the deepest of desires, intentions and aspirations without the proper guideposts and steps taken along the way? Yours is a mighty and grand life, full to the brim with glorious dreams and hopes. Let’s do make every one of them come true! 

“Easy for you to say. You don’t understand how challenging it is for me,” say many an egoic mind. 

Oh, dear one, yes, life seems to have many problems to solve and challenges to overcome. Yet, each problem is a grand opportunity in disguise! This awareness is truly a joy, as every perceived problem and upset gives you the precious chance to see through the illusion of being without.   

So often it is the illusion of being without that acts as the diversion on our path to prosperity and peace. Yet, joy is our birthright and joy is also a choice! Cup-runneth-over-kind-of joy is a skill set to be mastered. In life we are presented with myriad expectations, obligations and have tos, leading many people to do things they don’t want to do--if only to please others.  

Mastery of learning how to choose joy is an essential life skill. Without which one seems to float aimlessly in a sea of endless choices. Let’s make sense of it all! We will learn how to miraculously overcome problems, tap into relaxation and understand the importance of how feeling good is the cornerstone of a prosperous life.  

Joy does not happen without the intention to create it. I will share the stark difference between goals and intentions. You will learn which of these precepts leads to greater angst and which sets you sailing in the direction of abundant receiving. 

While a life of joy is every person's birthright, one must learn to access it with mindfulness. What I share may appear basic and simple, but most of us fail to embody these healthy living fundamentals. We claim to know what to do when hurt arises or how to create greater abundance, yet rarely do we apply what we say we know. Overtaken in an egoic moment, what we know goes out the window in exchange for mindless reactions that don’t serve.  

We know joy is healthy. We know joy feels good. We know joy is the “right” choice, and yet every day most choose fear, scarcity and limitation.  

This is our opportunity to put the problems of our past behind us, prioritize feeling good above anyone and anything, set course for a joyful future with intention as our captain, and relax into the connected, grounded and relaxed state of being that is our natural habitat. 

Join me for six weeks of fun, inspiration and motivation. We are pure magic, mystery and a million millcuries of electric power, dear one. The ensuing six weeks will set you sailing in the direction of a more joyous and whole life. These are the fundamentals of an expansive life. The tools, your tools, to a more elatious you!

Dr. Danielle Dowling Hello Joy

Presented by Dr. Danielle Dowling 

Please email me with any questions: d@danielle-dowling.com

I’m so grateful I took the Hello, Joy! course.

Danielle is such a gracious, generous, and knowledgeable instructor and guide. Also, it was amazing to connect with all of the other women — everyone is so loving and supportive. It couldn’t have been better. I walked away from the course clearer about my intentions for this next chapter life and how to go about manifesting them with more ease and grace. The bonus? Learning about the healing benefits of essential oils. I now have a love of aromatherapy thanks to this course. Can’t recommend it enough!

—Sonja Perryman

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Danielle Dowling's Hello, Joy! 6-week course!

It was such a peaceful time for me to check-in with a love filled group each week, to share, connect and learn. Just being in each session felt like I had carved out time for self-care. I love that Essential Oils were a primary part of the course, I had little experience with oils going into the class and I felt like Danielle's custom elixirs were a perfect addition to each session. Her expertise each week led me to feel grounded mentally and physically, allowing myself to open up and find joy in my everyday life. This was beyond important as the state of the world around us was filled with illness and hate. She made the environment sacred for us to feel confident to open ourselves up. To round out the course she curated guests who fit in perfectly with the curriculum and exposed me to new ways of thinking which I am grateful for. If you are looking to bring a little slice of heaven into your daily life, sign up for Hello Joy! with Danielle. 

Brooke Allen 

I am so thankful I signed up for Hello, Joy! 

The lessons are so well organized, simple to follow, thoughtfully planned out and easy to implement! I really have enjoyed meeting and talking with everyone in the group and I always feel motivated and energized after every meeting! These joyful lessons I will take with me and use over and over for the rest of my life! This also came at just the right time in my life. Thank you, Danielle!! 

—Allie Hunter

I have been wanting to send something about the Hello Joy series for awhile but couldn’t come up with the words. This morning during my breathing these words came. 

Hello, Joy! has shifted my thinking in so many positive ways.

I view life and love much differently even on difficult days. I find myself more mindful, calm and inspired. The elixirs are the icing on the cake of life. When in challenging situations I just breathe through it and I can again see the path out. Thank you, thank you Danielle for your teachings. Love you

—Anita Griffin

Hello, Joy! has been a blessing.

The past six weeks have helped me be more gentle with myself and open to the world around me. Danielle’s teachings + her essential oil elixirs + inspiring guest teachers + the vulnerability of the other women in the group created a very powerful experience. Thank you Danielle for creating an uplifting experience! 

—Kerri Poe

I look forward to every class with Danielle.

She brings simple, but extremely effective ways to move beyond my anxiety, offering a new, prosperous way of experiencing life. I love the group format; it’s connected me with amazing individuals that create a new circle of support. I’d encourage anyone looking for an integrated, comprehensive, heartfelt approach to life to take this course.

—Meghan Reynard